Canterbury Cathedral Herbal Day


An enchanting antidote to the mayhem of Christmas shoppers was our visit to the gardens and Howley-Harrison Library at Canterbury Cathedral; a step back to a less frantic time when the quest for and sharing of knowledge was carried out meticulously. The books that we had the privilege to view in this section of the library gave a snapshot into the history of plants and the thinking of those who wanted to pass on their findings. Books from the 16th century, particularly Gerard’s Herbal survive in this historic room and we were able to marvel at the words and illustrations in these incredible tomes. 


Philip provided us with some fascinating facts as we walked around the gardens and learnt about the work involved in this aspect of Cathedral life.  Always evolving, the gardens like the Cathedral itself have seen many comings and goings over the centuries. Long may the work carry on so that  future generations can visit and appreciate the beauty of this landmark.


The group really enjoyed learning about   gardens to Cathedral life past and present. A big thank you to Karen, Fawn, Sally and Philip for sharing their knowledge with us.